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Classification Of Electrical Port Modules Of Optical Transceivers

According to the packaging, they can be divided into three types: SFP, SFP+ and GBIC electrical port modules.

SFP Electrical Port Module Of Optical Transceivers:

There are 100M, gigabit and adaptive electrical port modules.

100M electrical port modules refer to modules with a transmission rate of 100M and gigabit is 1000M, adaptive electrical port module meets the three rates of 10/100/1000BASE, and is suitable for high-speed Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet.

SFP+ Electrical Port Module Of Optical Transceivers:

It is also called a 10 Gigabit electrical port module, with a transmission rate of 10G, which is the highest rate of electrical port modules, mainly used in a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network, and the power consumption is very small. In addition, the SFP+ electrical interface module is the first module to transmit through a network cable. It can be used on the SFP+ port of a switch or server to connect to the RJ45 interface of the opposite device through a network cable.

GBIC Electrical Port Module Of Optical Transceivers:

It is an electrical interface module packaged as GBIC. Except for the different packages, the other features are the same as SFP Gigabit electrical interface.

The most widely used packages of the three are the SFP and SFP+ electrical port module. The GBIC does not support self-adaptation, the data rate cannot reach 10G, and it has large volume and high power consumption. The development of optical modules is always in the direction of low cost and high performance, so GBIC electrical port modules have been slowly eliminated as time going on.

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