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Introduction to 100G CFP Optical Module and Application Scenarios

Abstract: 100G CFP optical module is a series of high-speed photoelectric conversion modules. This article will introduce the types and application scenarios of 100G CFP optical modules in detail. At the same time, we will discuss the wide application of 100G CFP optical transceivers in networks and data centers, and introduce its status in the industry and future development trends.

What is a 100G CFP optical module?

100G CFP optical module is a series of photoelectric conversion modules, there are four main types: 100G CFP series optical module derives many different models, mainly divided into CFP, CFP2, CFP4 and CFP8.

Application scenarios of 100G CFP optical module

The application scenarios of 100G CFP optical modules are very extensive, mainly covering the following aspects:

  • Transmission application in network: 100G CFP optical module can be used for connection, growth and expansion of optical fiber communication and data center. It is suitable for high-end applications such as optical networking, data switching, wireless access network (WLAN) and distributed computing environments.

  • Applications in data centers: 100G CFP optical modules can also be used in data centers to connect high-bandwidth servers, network switches and storage systems to support quasi-real-time applications in cloud computing environments. It also enables high-density port expansion and high-speed interconnection (Infiniband, Ethernet).

In the network field and data center, 100G CFP optical module, as a high-quality and high-reliability product, can ensure transmission performance and reduce optical transmission loss, and its development prospects are also very broad.


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