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200G QSFP-DD LR8 Optical Transceiver

200G QSFP-DD LR8 optical transceiver uses the LAN-WDM wavelength division multiplexing technology of 8*25G different wavelength channels, and the receiving end uses two sets of 4*pin arrays. The 25G chip scheme is relatively stable, and 8 channels are superimposed to achieve 200G.

Although the cost of 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 is competitive, but WDM 200G QSFP-DD LR8 solution can reach up to 20km and power consumption is less than 7w, which has more obvious advantages in long-distance transmission.

Tosa rosa's highly integrated and independent package largely provides a high-performance, low-latency, high-rate channel solution.

Product Details Of Optical Transceivers:

Adopt hot-swappable QSFP-DD package

8-channel full-duplex transceiver module

The maximum rate is up to 206.25Gbps (8x25G NRZ)

8x25G NRZ DML LAN-WDM transmitter and PIN receiver

Maximum power consumption is less than 7.5W

Up to 20km transmission distance through single-mode fiber

Dual LC optical ports

Built-in digital diagnostic monitoring function

Operating temperature range from 0 to 70 degrees Celsius

Power supply voltage 3.3V

Comply with RoHS environmental standards (lead-free)

WHGearlink, as a professional optical module supplier, provides high-quality China optical transceiver for our customers. Fiber optic transceiver types can be classified by packages, wavelengths, data rates, modes and methods of use.

200G QSFP-DD LR8 Optical Transceiver

The 200G QSFP-DD LR8 optical module is based on the 8-channel LAN-WDM wavelength division optical design, which achieves 1E-12 zero error rate index at a transmission distance of 20km.

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