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How to Use a Transceiver and Precautions of Using Optical Transceivers

Optical port problem of optical transceiver

The loss attenuation everywhere on the optical link is related to the transmission performance, so it requires:

A. Choose optical fiber transceiver jumpers that meet the network access standards;

B. The optical fiber jumper must have a cap, and the cap should be closed when not in use to prevent the optical fiber patch cord from contaminating the optical port of the optical transceiver twice; the cap should be kept in a dust-proof and clean place when not in use;

C. The fiber jumper is inserted horizontally to the optical port to avoid scratches on the end face and sleeve;

D. Avoid prolonged exposure to the optical port of the optical transceiver. Cover the dust plug when not in use; store the dust plug in a dust-proof and clean place when not in use;

E. Keep the end face of the fiber jumper clean to avoid scratches;

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ESD damage of optical transceiver

ESD is an inevitable phenomenon in nature. Preventing ESD starts from two aspects: preventing the accumulation of electric charge and allowing the electric charge to discharge quickly:

A. Keep the humidity of the environment 30~75%RH;

B. Do electrostatic protection work when operating the optical transceiver (such as: bring an electrostatic ring or release static electricity by contacting the case in advance), touch the optical transceiver shell, and avoid contact with the optical transceiver PIN pin; we can provide you a reasonable 400g optical transceiver price.

C. The relevant equipment used shall be grounded at a common ground point connected in parallel to ensure the shortest ground path and the smallest ground loop, and cannot be grounded in series. Avoid the design of connecting an external cable to the ground loop; And compatible optical transceiver is available for sale.

D. When packaging and turnover, use anti-static packaging and anti-static turnover boxes/cars;

E. It is forbidden to perform hot-swappable operations on non-hot-swappable equipment;

F. Avoid using a multimeter to directly detect static-sensitive pins;

Compatible Optical Transceiver

Equipment manufacturers of optical transceivers will encrypt their devices to varying degrees, also known as compatibility. Transceivers of a particular brand can only be used with devices of the same brand, and cannot be matched with other brand optical transceivers. Compatibility manufacturers need to conduct different compatibility adaptations on the optical transceivers. Whether or not they can perfectly solve compatibility issues is particularly important.

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