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Filter Transceivers Based on Parameters
  • Package
    • SFP
    • SFP+
    • SFP28
    • QSFP+
    • QSFP28
    • QSFP-DD
  • Max Distance
    • 100m
    • 300m
    • 550m
    • 2km
    • 3km
    • 10km
    • 40km
    • 80km
    • 120km
  • Data Rate
    • 155M
    • 1.25G
    • 10G
    • 25G
    • 40G
    • 100G
    • 400G
  • Wave Length
    • 850nm
    • 1270nm
    • 1310nm
    • 1330nm
    • 1490nm
    • 1550nm
    • CWDM
    • DWDM
  • Connector
    • LC
    • MPO

Extreme Networks Transceivers

WHGearlink's optical modules  are compatible with all  series of Extreme networks transceivers: Extreme FE SFP optical module, Extreme GE SFP optical module, Extreme SFP optical module, Extreme SFP+ optical module, Extreme SFP28 optical module, Extreme QSFP optical module, Extreme QSFP+ optical module, Extreme QSFP28 optical module, etc.

WHGearlink, as a professional optical module supplier, provides high-quality optic fiber transceivers with reasonable fiber optic transceiver price.

Extreme Sfp Compatibility Matrix FAQs

How much is the Extreme Optical transceiver ?

The price of the Extreme optical transceiver  needs to be specific to the model. You can choose to purchase compatible optical transceiver s. The quality is guaranteed. The price is much lower than the original brand, and the cost performance is the first choice.

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