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What is a DAC Cable Of Optical Transceivers?

DAC (high speed direct attach cable) is a fixed cable assembly used in data centers for point-to-point connections. It's factory terminated with modules that provide an electrical connection directly into active equipment. The modules cannot be removed from the cable and so all DAC cables are fixed length.

Advantages of DAC:

①High performance: suitable for short-distance wiring in data centers, with a wide range of applications;

②Environmental protection: The internal material is copper, which has good heat resistance;

③Low power consumption: the power consumption of passive cables is 0 and active optical cables is usually 440mW;

④ Low price: using a DAC cable is more cost effective than using two compatible optical transceiver with a fibre cable.

Disadvantages of DAC:

①It is heavy and bulky, causing difficulties for management.

②It is easily affected by electromagnetic interference which may cause some problems such as bad response and degradation.

What Is A Dac Cable Transceivers

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