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Analysis of the Causes of Data Center Fire and Explosion


In the information age, the importance of the data center is self-evident. Once the data center catches fire, it will bring huge troubles to users. This article analyzes the causes of the data center fire and explosion through the explosion incident in the Google data center.


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A data center transceiver is an electronic device used for transmitting and receiving data over network cables, enabling communication between devices in a data center environment.

Recently, a piece of news rushed to the hot search:

At noon on the 8th local time in the United States, an explosion occurred at Google's data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, injuring three employees. According to reports, Google has 14 data centers in the United States and a total of 23 data centers around the world. The center in Council Bluffs, Iowa opened in 2009 at a cost of $33 billion! It is one of Google's largest data centers.

Almost every year we see news of data center fires.

In 2021, a serious fire broke out in the data center of the European cloud computing giant OVH in Strasbourg, the capital of the Rhine province in France. OVH is one of the largest cloud service companies in Europe. That same year, a fire at WebNX's Ogden, Utah, Utah data center paralyzed some IT services in Ogden on Sunday and Monday.

In August 2020, Telstra's colocation data center in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, caused a fire due to a UPS failure and caused downtime.

In August 2018, a fire broke out in the Amazon AWS Tokyo data center. The fire burned for eight hours, killing five people, injuring fifty, and burning down about one-third of the building!


A data center is a complex set of facilities that includes not only computer systems and other supporting equipment (such as communication and storage systems), but also redundant data communication connections, environmental control equipment, monitoring equipment, and various security devices ,The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has made remote office and remote collaboration widely popular during the epidemic. It needs a strong data center to support and complete the calculation, transmission and storage of data.

In the information age, the importance of the data center is self-evident. If the data center is damaged, all data may be affected and cause irreparable consequences. There are a lot of equipment in the data center, with high power and high power consumption; there are many cables and complicated wiring in the computer room. These are the reasons for the potential fire hazard in the data center. Data center security has become a concern for many people. 

What are the reasons why the data center may cause an explosion? 

Data center short circuit

Rare, the probability of causing a fire is very low.

The data center is overloaded

As a company dealing with China optical transceiver, we remind you that The equipment in the computer room cannot meet the needs of users. It is easy to add equipment in the computer room, but the load of the cable is not easy to modify, which will cause a large cable load and cause a fire due to overheating.

The old equipment in the data center is not replaced in time

Especially if the cable runs under high load for a long time, if the cable is not replaced in time, the insulation layer of the cable will be easily melted at high temperature, causing a short circuit and causing a fire. 

Datacenter UPS battery catches fire

After the battery catches fire, the smoke stains quickly spread throughout the computer room. Even if it is not in the same computer room, the smoke stains will quickly occupy the computer room because of the connected channels.

The data center is dusty

Due to the long-term operation of the equipment, coupled with the harsh environment, the dust is not cleaned in time, causing the high-temperature alarm of the equipment, which is easy to cause a fire.

Influence of high temperature and thunderstorm weather

In addition to common electrical fires, data center fires may also be caused by high temperatures and thunderstorms in summer. The electromagnetic effect generated by lightning discharge can generate an impulse voltage of up to hundreds of thousands of volts, or even hundreds of thousands of volts, which is enough to burn power lines and equipment, cause an insulation breakdown, and cause a short circuit to cause a fire. The thermal effect, electrostatic induction, and electromagnetic induction produced by lightning discharge may cause fires.

Other human reasons, etc.

Once the data center catches fire, it will bring huge trouble to users. How to avoid major security accidents and ensure the stable operation of infrastructure is also the top priority of data

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