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Overview of 25G BIDI Optical Transceivers

25G BIDI optical transceiver is a single-fiber bidirectional 25G optical transceiver. Compared with ordinary 25G optical transceivers, 25G BIDI have only one optical fiber port and only need one optical fiber to connect, it simultaneously sends and receives different center wavelengths in two directions within a single light, so as to realize the bidirectional transmission of optical signals on an optical fiber. Generally, the optical transceiver has two ports: TX-transmitting port and RX-receiving port, while BIDI optical transceiver has only one port, which is filtered by the filter in the optical transceiver to complete the transmission and reception of optical signals at the same time. Therefore, BIDI transceivers must be used in pairs.

At present, there are four wavelength combinations of 25G BIDI optical transceivers: TX1270nm/RX1330nm, TX1330nm/RX1270nm, TX1310nm/RX1270nm, TX1270nm/RX1310nm. And the transmission distance is 10-40km. They are widely used in 25G Ethernet, data center construction and 5G front-haul networks.

The biggest advantage of the 25G BIDI optical transceiver is that it reduces the cost of optical fiber cabling infrastructure. The BIDI optical transceiver reduces the number of ports on the fiber patch cord panel and the number of optical cables that need to be used.

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