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WHGearlink Optical Transceiver Factory Show

WHgearlink Technology is set up by a group of optical communication industry R&D teams that have been deeply involved in this industry for over 10 years and are determined to develop in optical transceiver R&D continuously.

At the very beginning, WHgearlink was just a small office laboratory in Optics Valley, supplying 100M sfp/1.25g SFP/10g sfp+ engine solutions. With the rapid development of the optical communication industry, the Start-up team leader found that the importance of the role played by optical modules in the optical communication field and its irreplaceability. So the start-up team makes an important decision, which is not only to supply a low rate engine solutions but also vigorously develop high-speed optical transceivers and products with sfp compatibility , such as compatible arista transceivers and compatible cisco transceivers, continuously improve and upgrade related products, further expand the production capacity and performance.

Since we have high-quality engine solutions, It is natural to establish a large-scale mass production factory and set up our own sales team.

Factory Show

WHGearlink Factory Competency

Compatibility Laboratory

WHgearlink have a compatibility laboratory, currently contains equipment from host equipment such as cisco, juniper, arista, Dell, HP, HW, and we will continue to refresh according to the actual situation to ensure that the products are perfectly compatible with host equipment.

Strict Performance Testing

All optical modules manufactured by WHgearlink have undergone strict performance testing.

Large Factory Area

At present, the scale of the factory is more than 5,000 square meters, and there are 2,500 square meters that reach the 100,000-level production workshop standard.

22 Production Lines

There are 22 production lines 100g QSFP28 - 1.25g SFP+ production lines, two of which have obtained COC certification.

120+ Oscilloscopes Devices

There are over 120 devices of various oscilloscopes, 400G/100G/40G BERT, optical power meter equipment, high and low temperature test platforms, modules and other equipment.

Fully-equipped Temperature Cycle Aging Equipment

The temperature cycle aging equipment is fully equipped to ensure the completeness of the product factory test.

WHGearlink Optical Transceiver Factory Video

WHGearlink Optical Transceiver Advances In

Research and development is the foundation of GearLink Technology. With a professional and strong R&D team and advanced production technology and equipment, GearLink has a strong influence and market competitiveness.

Generally, manufacturers can reduce the cost of their products such as compatible arista transceivers if they know how to break out of upstream restrictions. With the COB solution, we get rid of TOSA&ROSA, the most important component that needs to be purchased from other suppliers, and starts production from raw material bare chips, saving the time from CHIP to OSA packaging. Engine solution R&D is the foundation of WHgearlink. Relying on our own technology, R&D, and production capabilities, WHgearlink can make its products more reasonable in price, stronger in delivery, and better in after-sales service.

WHGearlink Optical Transceiver Advances In
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