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400g/800g Interconnection Improves Data Center Operation Efficiency


With the advent of the digital economy era, people's demand for high-speed, high-efficiency, and low-power data transmission continues to grow. This makes 400G/800G optical transceiver s the focus of attention. This article will introduce the advantages of low-power 400G/800G interconnection solutions and CPO solutions by analyzing optical transceiver parameters and industry statistics.

With the advent of the digital economy era, people's demand for high-speed, high-efficiency, and low-power data transmission continues to grow. In the data center interconnection solution, the 400G/800G optical transceiver with high speed, high density and low power consumption has become the focus of attention. This article will introduce low-power 400G/800G interconnection solutions for you by analyzing optical transceiver  parameters and industry statistics.

Optical transceiver parameters and industry trends

As a key component in the field of data transmission, 400G/800G optical transceiver s need to meet the requirements of high speed, high density, and low power consumption. Among these requirements, low power consumption is particularly important for the energy consumption and operating costs of the entire data center.

Based on market demand, existing 400G/800G optical transceiver s are usually divided into single-mode and multi-mode optical transceiver s. The maximum transmission distance of a multi-mode optical transceiver  is usually not more than 100m, while the transmission distance of a single-mode optical transceiver can reach more than 2 kilometers. Of course, the power consumption of single-mode optical transceiver s is higher than that of multi-mode optical transceivers. Therefore, in the deployment scheme, it is very important to select suitable optical transceiver s for different application scenarios.

According to industry trends, as the scale of data centers continues to expand, the demand for 400G/800G optical transceivers will also increase. According to Lightcounting's 2021 forecast, 800G optical transceiver s will dominate the market from the end of 2025.

CPO solution

In the low-power 400G/800G interconnection scheme, CPO (optoelectronic co-packaging technology) will play an important role. CPO is to package the switching chip and the optical engine together. This packaging method shortens the distance between the switching chip and the optical engine, improves transmission efficiency, and reduces energy consumption.

The CPO solution can greatly reduce the power consumption of 400G/800G optical transceivers and improve reliability. In the traditional 400G/800G optical transceiver , the optical transceiver  needs to use additional cooling equipment to maintain its stable operation. And usually a large data center can support it. Future low-power CPO optical transceiver s can solve these problems. As optical transceivers equipped with CPO technology enter large-scale commercial use. In the future, the efficiency of high AI computing power will be greatly improved, and the cost will be greatly reduced.

The roles and strategies of optical transceiver manufacturers

In terms of market competition, established companies such as InnoLight, Eoptolink, and Accelink occupy an important position in the field of 400G/800G optical transceivers, and their products have been applied by operators and enterprises around the world. At the same time, in recent years, emerging manufacturers have also continued to break through and develop, becoming a strong competitor in the future 400G/800G optical transceiver market.

To sum up, the low-power 400G/800G interconnection solution can improve the operating efficiency of the data center and reduce operating costs. The CPO solution is an important technical means to realize low-power transmission. At the same time, market demand and competition trends also indicate the rapid growth of the 400G/800G optical transceiver market.

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