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Data Center Construction

The global outbreak of coronavirus has had a great impact on traditional industries, inspiring many new industries such as smart manufacturing, unmanned distribution, online education, and remote office. The government stated that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of new infrastructures such as 5G networks and data centres.

Nowadays, the number of data centre constructions is increasing, the scale is getting bigger and bigger, the bandwidth are required to get higher and higher, and the funds that need to be invested are also increasing. According to research by relevant institutions, the proportions of servers, network equipment, storage equipment, security equipment, and optical transceivers/fibers in the procurement cost of data centre equipment are respectively 69%, 11%, 6%, 9%, and 5%. Generally speaking, Server costs account for about 60-70% of data centre hardware costs. Of course, the operation of a data centre is not only the procurement cost,  but also the construction, operating and maintenance cost. 

We are going to talk about the cost of optical transceivers/fibers in data centres.


The cost of optical transceiver/fiber is divided into two parts, purchase cost and operating cost. The purchase cost is the total price of optical transceivers and optical fibers. Large data centres may require tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of optical transceivers, so the price of optical transceivers is particularly important. If it's small-volume purchasing, you may buy branded optical transceivers directly, which is worry-free. However, in the construction of large data centres, compatible optical transceiver is mainly used. Compared with branded ones, the price is much more advantageous, and there is usually a three-year or more warranty period.

The operating cost of an optical transceiver/fiber is mainly in power consumption. Usually, when choosing an optical transceiver, many people do not consider its power consumption of it. But in the operation of a large number of optical transceivers, a single power is as small as 1W, and the electricity bill of the entire data centre can be saved a lot in one year.

In short, data centre construction should save costs as much as possible under the premise of ensuring quality. The compatible transceivers of GearLink Technology can not only ensure the quality, but also achieve low power consumption.

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