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40G QSFP+ Transceiver

40G optical transceiver is packaged in QSFP+. 40g qsfp+ transceiver has four independent full-duplex transmission and reception channels, and the transmission rate of 40G can be realized at the same time. 40G qsfp transceiver can provide high-speed, high-density, low-power, low-cost 40G Ethernet high-speed interconnection for data centers, high-performance computer networks and telecom operators, etc.

Besides 40g transceiver, we also offer 100g optical transceiver, 40g qsfp+ transceiver, 25g transceiver, module sfp 10g, sfp transceiver, active optical cables and direct attach cables.

Different Types Of 40G QSFP+ Transceivers

Classification Of 40G QSFP+ Transceiver

40G optical transceivers can be divided into 850nm/1310nm/ according to working wavelength, such as QSFP 40G 850nm 300m 40g mpo. There are multi-mode and single-mode optical modules, MPO and LC interface, the transmission distance support to 150m/300m/10km/ 30km/40km/80km.

Details Of 1.25G SFP Transceiver

Features of 1.25G SFP Transceiver

  • UP to 1.25Gbps data rate              

  • Duplex LC receptacle optical       

  • interface compliant                      

  • single +3.3V power supply             

  • DDM function implemented         

  • External calibration                        

  • HOT-Pluggable                                   

  • Receiver loss of Signal Output       

  • AC coupling of PECL signals          

  • Serial ID module on MOD(0-2)

  • International Class 1 laser safety certified

  • Transmitter disable input

  • Operating temperature range -10℃~+70℃

  • CWDM module Operating temperature range:0℃~+70℃

  • RoHS Compliance

Applications of 1.25G SFP Transceivers

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Gigabit Fiber Channel

  • Switch to switch interface

  • Switched backplane applications

Standards Of 40G QSFP+ Transceiver

Compliant to IEEE 802.3ba
Compliant to SFF-8436
RoHS Compliant.

Optical Transceiver Solutions Offered By WHGearlink

40G QSFP+ Transceiver FAQs

Q What is an mpo transceiver?


The MPO transceiver refers to an optical transceiver with an MPO interface. It must be used with the fiber jumper of MPO interface. The MPO interface is divided into male and female, which must be used together. Generally, the interface type of the optical transceiver is MPO male, connect to the fiber jumper of MPO female.



QSFP is the abbreviation of Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable, that is, four-channel small form-factor pluggable optical transceiver. QSFP was born to meet the demand of higher-density high-speed pluggable solutions. It has a transmission rate of 40Gbps.

Q What is the difference between QSFP and QSFP+?


QSFP+ is an upgraded version of QSFP. Strictly speaking, there is no difference. Both of them can support 4 channels of transmission at the same time, each channel has a data rate of 10Gbit/s, to achieve a 40Gbps transmission rate through 4 channels. QSFP+ optical transceivers can be used in deploying 40G networks, thereby increasing port density and saving costs effectively.

Q How to connect the 40G optical transceiver?


40G optical transceiver s have different wavelengths, transmission distances and interfaces. 40G direct connection solution

①SR4-SR4: direct connection via multimode optical fiber with MPO/MTP interface

②LR4-LR4: Connect through single-mode optical fiber with LC interface

③PSM4-PSM4: Connect via single-mode optical fiber with MPO/MTP interface.

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