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Right Optical Transceiver, Data Center Costs Down

With the rapid development of information technology, the Internet has become an indispensable part of people's life. The data center is one of the core facilities that maintain the operation of the Internet. As the core equipment of information tools in all walks of life, the data exchange technology in the data center is very important, and the optical transceiver is one of the core accessories of the optical communication technology. This article will discuss how to reduce the operating cost of the data center from the perspective of how to choose optical transceivers.

To reduce the operating cost of the data center, it is very important to choose high-quality optical transceivers. At present, there are many optical transceiver manufacturers in the market, but most of them only pay attention to the cost, and often ignore the performance and stability of the equipment. However, in practical applications, the performance and stability of the optical transceiver  will directly affect the speed and quality of data transmission. Therefore, when choosing an optical transceiver, it is necessary to combine production needs and choose a brand with stable performance and reliable quality.

Choosing a suitable optical transceiver is not just about choosing performance, but also paying attention to the compatibility of the transceiver. Secondly, when purchasing an optical transceiver, you need to pay attention to the optical transceiver package and interface type. In addition, it is also necessary to select wavelengths that match each other. For example, when a dual-fiber transceiver  is used, the wavelengths of both ends of the transceiver must be the same, and the wavelengths of the single-fiber transceiver  and the opposite-end transceiver must match. The wavelength must be Tx1550nm/Rx1310nm.

In addition to the above factors, economical availability is also an important factor to consider when selecting an optical transceiver . The manufacture and price of optical transceiver s are mainly affected by the following factors, including production costs, brand influence, and the industry environment at that time. Therefore, it is a good choice to choose an optical transceiver  with reasonable price and high cost performance. At the same time, pay attention to some after-sales services when purchasing optical transceiver s, check the technical support and after-sales services of optical transceiver  manufacturers, in order to reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of equipment.

To sum up, in order to reduce the operating cost of the data center, it is very important to choose an optical transceiver  manufacturer with high quality, good compatibility, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service. In the process of purchasing optical transceiver s, you need to fully consider your own product needs and product characteristics, and choose a suitable optical transceiver . To select optical transceiver s with high performance and reliable quality, it is also necessary to strengthen compatibility testing and perfect after-sales service, which can not only improve data transmission speed, reduce data transmission failures, but also reduce equipment maintenance costs and prolong equipment life.


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