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How To Clean The Optical Transceiver?

During the use of the optical transceiver, there will be light attenuation and packet loss. The technicians may consider the quality of the module and the line attenuation. However, there is one thing that must not be ignored, that is, the cleaning of the optical module. But how to clean sfp transceiver/modules?

Generally, the optical transceiver is not contaminated when it is purchased and used. The ports of the new optical transceiver we purchased are clean, and the dust plugs are also there, so they will not be polluted. However, sometimes the optical transceiver may be contaminated when the optical transceiver is bought and left unused, or the device is plugged in and the dust plug is unplugged without time to use it. Now we will talk about the cleaning of the optical transceiver.

Optical module cleaning is not like wiping the table and mopping the floor. We need to prepare optical module cleaning rods and anti-static gloves. First of all, we must wear anti-static gloves before cleaning to prevent static electricity from damaging the optical transceiver due to friction between fingers and the module. Insert the optical module cleaning rod into the interface of the optical module and rotate it clockwise for a few seconds, then pull out the cleaning rod. If the pollution is serious, the above operation can be repeated several times. After cleaning, put on the dust cap (the dust cap must be clean) to avoid secondary pollution.

When cleaning the optical transceiver, don’t forget to clean the fiber jumper. Fold the fiber wiper more than two times to avoid touching the fiber connector to other places during cleaning; soak the fiber wiper with absolute ethanol and gently press the fiber connector plug. On the wiping cloth and rotate in one direction.

The cleaning of optical modules and optical fibers is easily overlooked. If they are contaminated, they will affect the transmission performance of the optical modules and cause failures. Therefore, the cleaning of optical modules and optical fibers should be carried out regularly.

How to clean the optical transceiver

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