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Introduction Of Single-mode Optical Fiber Of Optical Transceivers

Since the single-mode optical fiber is working with single-mode optical module, it's for long transmission distance.The core diameter of the single-mode fiber jumper is from 8μm to 10μm, and the light propagates along a straight path without rebounding from the edge, thus avoided the dispersion and the waste of light energy. It has lower attenuation and can transmit faster and farther.

There are two types of single-mode fiber jumpers: OS1 and OS2 single-mode fiber.

OS1 single-mode patch cord is suitable for transmission distance within 10km, and the maximum attenuation value in the 1310nm and 1550nm bands is 1.0db/km. OS2 single-mode patch cord can transmit up to 200km, and the maximum attenuation value in the 1310nm and 1550nm bands is 0.4db/km. Both OS1 and OS2 fiber patch cords are used in Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks. In addition, OS2 fiber patch cords can be used in 40G and 100G Ethernet.

Advantages of single-mode fiber

*Transmission distance: it supports long-distance data transmission which can reach 200 km.

*Bandwidth capacity: Single-mode fiber jumpers can provide higher bandwidth than multi-mode fibers.

*Inter-mode dispersion: Single-mode fiber transmits only one mode of light, so there is no inter-mode dispersion.

*Transmission rate: single-mode fiber jumpers can transmit at a higher rate.

Disadvantages of single-mode fiber

*Difficulty in coupling: it is more difficult to couple light into a single-mode fiber than to a multi-mode fiber due to the small core diameter.

*High cost:the cost of using single-mode fiber jumpers will be higher than multi-mode fiber jumpers since the optical transceiver is very expensive.

*More stringent technology: It is more difficult to manufacture and process single-mode fiber than dual-mode fiber.

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