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Development of Active Optical Cables and Analysis of Market Prospects

Ⅰ. Overview of the development of active optical cables

Under the current situation of network transmission, a larger, reliable, efficient and fast data transmission environment needs to be established, which requires the entire industry to increase technical investment and develop more efficient transmission products.

In 2007, the active optical cable (AOC) came out. As an alternative to the new generation of data transmission, the AOC active optical cable can transmit four optical fiber signals at the same time, while retaining the same electrical interface as the traditional cable, so that the AOC technology can be used in 1-100 Signal integrity is maintained over a distance of meters.

Because of its lighter weight, better bending characteristics, and better bit error rate (BER) than copper cables, optical fibers were mass-manufactured and pioneered in data centers and server farms to transmit Ethernet and InfiniBand signals.

At present, the use of active optical cables has been further expanded, and it is also used in consumer electronics fields such as high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), third-generation universal serial bus (USB 3.0) and Thunderbolt.

The 400G transceiver market has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years and is poised for further expansion. With the increasing demand for higher bandwidth and faster data transmission rates, the adoption of 400G transceivers has gained momentum in various sectors, including telecommunications, data centers, and enterprise networks. 

Ⅱ. The composition of active optical cables

Active optical cables are composed of four main parts, and high-density electrical connectors are one of them. As connectors, there are many forms of realization.

For example, the QSFP+ connector form and the HDMI connector form, the former is mainly used in data centers and server clusters, and the latter is mostly used in consumer electronics products.

Another component of the AOC active optical cable is a multi-channel optical fiber flat cable with a length of 1 to 100 meters, and the single multi-mode optical fiber is common.

The third part is the full-duplex active optical cable optical module, which performs photoelectric conversion, and the fourth part is the MPO optical fiber connector, which needs to be fixed in the active optical cable shell to protect the optical fiber inside. For example, we have sfp28 direct attach cable for sale.

Ⅲ. The market prospect of active optical cables

Compared with traditional high-speed cables, the special feature of active optical cables is mainly their transmission medium. The transmission medium of traditional copper cable is copper wire, while the transmission medium of active optical cable is optical fiber, but the electrical interface connector is retained.

This allows active optical cables to avoid the electromagnetic interference problems of traditional cable transmission, and ensures that active optical cables support longer transmission distances than other media without sacrificing high-speed signal integrity. And we have 100g optical modules for sale.

In addition, compared with the traditional copper cable, the active optical cable has the characteristics of the code rate BER 10E-15, so it is non-conductive and will not overheat. It is suitable for the transmission interface when various wired networks reach the terminal room to ensure the safety of data transmission.

At present, due to the huge business opportunities of active optical cables, more and more manufacturers have set foot in this field.

In the future, with the increasing demand for bandwidth (such as 4K video transmission, virtual reality, etc.), products with higher bandwidth based on optical cables are bound to be more and more widely used. It can be predicted that the market for AOC active optical cables will be will be very broad.

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