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AOC Active Optical Cable

AOC refers to Active Optical Fiber which requires optical transceiver devices to convert electrical signals into optical signals, or convert optical signals into electrical signals. AOC cables have the advantages such as high rate, long transmission distance, low consumption, and convenient.

As a professional optical transceiver manufacturer, we also provide a variety of transceivers, for example, 400g transceiver, module sfp 10g,  sfp transceiver, 40g transceiver, 25g transceiver, direct attach cable and so on.

Different Types Of AOC Active Optical Cables

QSFP28 100G to 4*25G SFP28 XXm AOC
Compatibility of QSFP28 100G to 4*25G SFP28 XXm AOC
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC50M
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC30M
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC20M
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC15M
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC10M
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC7M
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC5M
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC3M
- Cisco QSFP-4SFP25G-AOC2M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-50M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-30M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-20M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-15M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-7M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-10M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-5M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-3M
- Juniper JNP-100G-4X25G-AOC-1M
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-4SFP-AOC-3001
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-4SFP-AOC-2001
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-4SFP-AOC-1501
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-4SFP-AOC-1001
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-4SFP-AOC-0701
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-4SFP-AOC-0501
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-4SFP-AOC-0101
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-4SFP-AOC-0301
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-QSFP-AOC-3001
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-QSFP-AOC-2001
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-QSFP-AOC-1501
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-QSFP-AOC-1001
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-QSFP-AOC-0701
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-QSFP-AOC-0501
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-QSFP-AOC-0301
- Brocade 100G-QSFP-QSFP-AOC-0101
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-50M
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-20M
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-30M
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-15M
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-10M
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-7M
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-5M
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-3M
- Arista AOC-Q-4S-100G-1M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-50M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-30M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-20M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-15M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-10M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-7M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-5M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-3M
- Dell AOC-QSFP28-4SFP28-25G-1M
- Mellanox MFA7A50-C001
- Mellanox MFA7A50-C030
- Mellanox MFA7A50-C020
- Mellanox MFA7A50-C015
- Mellanox MFA7A50-C010
- Mellanox MFA7A50-C005
- Mellanox MFA7A50-C003
QSFP28 100G to 4*25G SFP28 XXm AOC

Details Of Active Optical Cables

Features Of AOC Active Optical Cable

  • 850nm VCSEL laser and PIN photo-detector

  • Low power consumption

  • Lane bit rate 10.3 Gb/s

  • Single +3.3V power supply

  • Hot Plug-gable

  • Operating case temperature : 0°C to +70 °C

  • Operating case temperature: -40°C to +80 °C

  • Digital diagnostics functions are available via the I2C interface

  • Power consumption per end:<1.0W for QSFP and <0.35W for SFP+

Applications Of AOC Active Optical Cable

Other optical links

  • 10G Gigabit Ethernet

  • InfiniBand QDR, DDR, SDR,EDR

  • High-performance computing clusters

  • 4G and 8G Fibre Channel Applications

  • Servers, switches, storage, and host card adapters;

  • 25GBASE-SR Ethernet

  • Servers, switches, storage, and host card adapters

  • Datacenter

  • 100G Ethernet

  • 40GbE and 10GbE break-out applications for Datacom switch and router connections

  • 40G to 4×10G density applications for Data-com and Proprietary protocol applications

Standards Of Active Optical Cables

Compliant to SFF-8431

Optical Transceiver Solutions Offered By WHGearlink

Active Optical Cables FAQs

Q How AOCs Differ from Other Interconnect Solutions?


Permanently connecting optical fiber seems simple, but it will produce a lot of technical and cost advantages; Enough to create a new category of interconnected products. Since optics are included in the cable, designers do not have to comply with IEEE or ibta industry standards to achieve interoperability between transceivers and other suppliers. This gives designers complete freedom to choose the lowest cost and best performance technology because the cable is a closed system and has a predefined cable length. All this will lead to a sharp decline in costs and prices. Here are some of the results of this simple change:

  • Lowest available price optical interconnection: nearly half the price of a single optical transceiver - not just the cost of removing optical connectors.

  • Plug and play: easy to use cable function - just like DAC cable, only longer optical distance.

  • Long-distance: up to 100 meters and 200 meters according to technology.

  • Lowest optical power consumption per end: significantly lower than connector transceivers - saving power consumption and cooling operating costs.

No need to clean and maintain optical connectors: save operating costs and improve reliability.

  • Optical isolation: isolate the electrical system from the ground loop like a copper DAC cable - Reliability advantage.

Q Classification Of Active Optical Cables


GearLink's AOC can be divided into 10G AOC, 25G AOC, 40G AOC and 100G AOC according to the transmission rate.

Q What Is The Difference Between AOC And DAC?


1. Power consumption: The maximum power consumption of DAC(direct attach cable) is lower than AOC;

2. Transmission distance: The transmission distance of AOC can up to 100M, while DAC is generally about 7M;

3. Transmission medium: The transmission medium of AOC is optical fiber, which belongs to optical communication; and DAC is copper wire, which belongs to electrical; communication.

4. Transmission signals: AOC transmit optical signals but DAC transmits electrical signals.

Q What Is Active Optical Cable (AOC) Applications?


Active optical cable components can be used for optical backplane, rack to rack, rack to rack interconnection, storage, hub, switch, router, server, etc.

The following is AOC market segmentation by application.

  • Mainframe/supercomputer (high-performance computing – HPC).

  • High definition television (HDTV).

  • Personal computer.

  • Consumer electronics (CE).

The following is AOC market segmentation by bus interface.

Infiniband – high speed interface bus used in HPC and data center

HDMI – HD multimedia interface

USB – universal serial bus

DisplayPort – bus specification developed by Video Electronics Standards Asso. (VESA)

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