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Classification of Fiber Conventers

1- According to the mode, it can be divided into single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber conventers. The transmission distance of single-mode fiber conventers is 20km-120km and it of multi-mode fiber conventers is  2km-5km.

2- According to the transmission rate, it can be divided into 10M, 100M, 1000M fiber conventers, 10/100M adaptive fiber optic and 10/100/1000M adaptive fiber conventers.

3- According to the structure, it has desktop and rack types. Desktop fiber conventers are suitable for a single user, and rack-mounted fiber conventers are suitable for the aggregation of multiple users. They are placed in a rack.

4- According to the management type, it can be divided into managed and unmanaged fiber conventers. The managed fiber conventers support remote management and are similar to switches and routers. The unmanaged fiber conventers set electric port working mode by hardware dial switches, plug and play, relatively simple operation.

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