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The difference between male and female in MPO jumpers

The more commonly used optical transceiver are generally LC interface or MPO interface. Optical modules with different interfaces should be connected with the corresponding interface jumper. LC interface has its presence in optical transceiver of all speeds, while MPO interface Usually exists in high-speed optical transceiver.

   There are many types of MPO fiber jumpers, which can be determined by the number of fiber, male and female connectors, polarity, etc. Today we are going to talk about the difference between male and female connectors in MPO fiber jumpers.

MPO jumpers include optical fibers, sheaths, coupling components, metal rings, pins (PIN needles), dust plugs, etc. The pins are divided into two forms: male and female. The male connector has two pins, while the female connector does not. The connection between MPO connectors is precisely aligned through PIN pins, and the two MPO connectors connected to each other must be a male and a female. (Female is female, Male is male)

 The MPO interface of the optical module usually adopts the male connector type, so it is necessary to insert the optical fiber jumper of the MPO female connector for connection, and the male and female connectors can be inserted tightly. In addition, the number of cores of the MPO fiber jumper must match the number of transmission channels of the optical module, and the number of cores of the MPO jumper cannot be less than the number of transmission channels of the optical module.



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