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Copper Cable VS Optical Fiber Of Optical Transceivers

Advantages Of Copper Cable Of Optical Transceivers:

*Copper cable is better than optical fiber in terms of cabling, maintenance and cost in network transmission within 100m. The core of the optical fiber is glass fiber, which is more fragile and easy to be damaged than the copper. In other words, copper cables are more convenient and cost-effective in wiring and maintenance.

*In the transmission of voice signals, copper cables transmit through electrical pulses, which can transmit voice signals, while optical fibers cannot.

*The core of copper cable can supply electricity while making data connections, and can be used in power systems. But optical fiber cannot conduct electricity because the core is mode of silicon dioxide.

Advantages Of Optical Fiber Of Optical Transceivers:

①The core diameter of optical fibers is much smaller and weight is lighter than copper cables.

②The optical fiber only transmits optical signals but not electrical signals, and is not subject to electromagnetic interference. Therefore, the signals transmitted in the optical fiber are not easy to be eavesdropped and have strong confidentiality.

③The transmission distance of optical fibers is more than 100km, while the maximum distance of copper cables is 100m.

④The main raw material of optical fiber is silica, thus quartz, which is abundant in nature.

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