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Can Gigabit Optical Transceivers and 10 Gigabit Optical Transceivers Communicate with Each Other?

In the current domestic communication network architecture, Gigabit optical transceivers and 10 Gigabit optical transceivers are the most widely used.

The Gigabit optical transceiver is an optical transceiver with a rate of Gigabit, the package form is SFP, and the transmission distance ranges from 550 meters to 160km; Optical transceivers ranging from 120km to 120km.

So can Gigabit and 10 Gigabit optical transceivers be interconnected? This problem is actually very clear in the optical communication network architecture, but in the actual use process, due to the technical proficiency of network engineers and some reasons for compatible optical transceivers, there are some problems in the actual use of optical transceivers. question, so here, as a company dealing with China qsfp transceiver, we will answer this question for you.

At present, basically all optical transceiver manufacturers produce when producing optical transceivers, they will consider the backward compatibility of the rate. For example, under the same transmission distance and the same wavelength, after debugging the 10G optical transceiver, the 10G optical transceiver can be used as a Gigabit optical transceiver, which is the function of the backward compatibility of the 10G optical transceiver. Also we have compatible optical transceiver. However, a Gigabit optical transceiver cannot be used as a 10 Gigabit optical transceiver. The reason is that the transmission rate of the 10G optical transceiver greatly exceeds the rate requirement of the Gigabit optical transceiver, but in the process of use, the rate is wasted, so generally from the perspective of cost, few people use the 10G optical transceiver as For gigabit use. Conversely, Gigabit optical transceivers cannot withstand 10 Gigabit speeds. Therefore, in our actual use, it must be gigabit to gigabit, and 10 gigabit to 10 gigabit. In a word, the speed must be equal. If you want to understand the data center transceiver, you can contact us.

In actual use, we also encountered a situation. The port of the Ruijie access layer switch is Gigabit, so we insert the Gigabit transceiver of Gearlink, the port of the Ruijie aggregation layer switch is a Gigabit and 10 Gigabit adaptive port, if it is inserted into the Gigabit optical transceiver of Gearlink , there may be a situation of being unreachable, so why is there also a situation of being unreachable when the rates are equal? This is because the port of the Ruijie switch is self-adaptive between Gigabit and 10 Gigabit. We need to modulate the rate of the switch to force it to Gigabit before it can be transmitted. According to customer feedback, if the original optical transceiver of Ruijie is used, this problem will not exist, so it may be that the original optical transceiver of Ruijie has been debugged and can match the adaptive port, this is also the advantage of the original optical module over the compatible optical module.

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