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Current Situation and Prospect of 400G Optical Transceiver

With the growth of data volume, the market demand for data center optical transceivers is strong. 40G and 100G are gradually being widely used. The 400G product system is becoming more and more perfect and standardized, and the R&D and mass production are accelerating. 400G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3bs) was officially approved as early as December 2017. New technologies such as forward error correction (FEC) are regulated in this standard, which is convenient for improving bit error performance and increasing the reliability of data communication. At present, 400G switches have been put into the market, such as Cisco 400G Nexus, Arista 400G 7060X4 series, Mellanox Spectrum-2, etc.

The 400G connection scheme is also booming, such as 400G DAC and 400G optical transceiver s (including 400G QSFP-DD optical transceivers, 400G OSFP optical transceiver s, 400G CFP8 optical transceiver s, etc.), among which QSFP-DD will rely on its own high density, low The advantage of power consumption is expected to become the most popular 400G package. With the standardization, commercialization and large-scale development of 400G Ethernet, the 400G product system will gradually improve in the near future, and more 400G products will appear on the market.

In the past five years, we have seen the opportunities brought by the rise of 100G, and in the past two years, the market has refocused on 400G. From the demand of leading manufacturers such as Google, 400G is expected to enter the golden period in a short time.


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