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What is a 10Gigabit Optical Transceiver?

A 10Gigabit optical transceiver refers to a module with a transmission rate of 10Gbps, also known as a 10G optical module. There are two packages SFP+ and XFP, and the commonly used one is SFP+ package. Like the Gigabit optical transceiver, it's small size, low power consumption and long transmission distance.

SFP+ Optical Transceiver Introduction

It has a wide range of applications in 10 Gigabit Ethernet, SDH optical transmission network, WDM wavelength division multiplexing system engineering, single-fiber bidirectional system engineering, etc.

From the appearance, the size of SFP+ module is reduced about 30% compared with XFP module, but it's the same as SFP module. SFP+ only retains the basic electro-optical and photoelectric conversion functions, reducing the SerDes, CDR, EDC, MAC in XFP and signal control functions, thereby simplifying the design of 10G optical transceivers, and lower power consumption.

With significant advantages such as high density, low power consumption, and lower system construction cost, SFP+ has stricter shielding requirements than SFP and requires better shielding effects. The SFP+ module has the DOM function, which can help the network administrator monitor all aspects of the optical module data in real time and check the data to ensure the normal operation of the optical transceiver.

10G Optical Transceiver Connection Solutions

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