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Packaging Classification of Fiber Optic Transceiver

The optical transceiver is an important device in the optical communication system. There are many types of optical transceivers, and there are several classification standards, such as according to different packaging forms, different application fields, transmission rate of optical transceivers, and according to the emission or reception wavelength. Here, Geling will introduce you to the details of the packaging classification of optical transceivers.

What is the package of optical transceiver? What are the packages of optical transceivers?

The package of the optical transceiver is the shell style of the optical transceiver . Generally, the corresponding rate of the optical transceiver  has a corresponding package. The higher the rate, the better the quality of the package, the best texture, and the corresponding volume is slightly larger. 200G and 400G optical transceiver s are available in various packaging forms. Common optical transceiver  packages include SFP, SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28, etc. These are conventional 1.25G to 100G optical transceiver  packages, and 400G transceiver s will have QSFP-DD, OSFP, CFP8 and other packages. And more information can be found in fiber optic transceiver wiki .

1. The fiber optic transceiver: GBIC transceiver

The full English name of GBIC optical transceiver is Gigabit Interface Converter, which was quite popular in the 1990s. Its design can be hot-swappable and uses SC interface. It is an interchangeable product that meets international standards. Gigabit switches designed with GBIC interfaces once occupied a large market share in the market due to flexible interchangeability. It can be said that GBIC is the first optical transceiver with standardized package interface, which has a milestone and epoch-making status. Welcome to click to learn more GBIC Transceiver product information. We can provide different fiber optic transceiver types.

2. The fiber optic transceiver: SFP transceiver

SFP is the abbreviation of Small Form Factor Pluggable, which can be simply understood as an upgraded version of GBIC. The volume is twice as small as GBIC, and the number of ports can be more than doubled on the same panel. SFP Transceiver is also called miniature GBIC (MINI-GBIC), and mostly uses LC interface. The other functions of the SFP transceiver are basically the same as those of GBIC, and are generally used in SONET/SDH networks, 100M/Gigabit Ethernet and other high-speed transmission applications. Welcome to click for more SFP Transceiver product information. We provide 10g sfp+ transceiver for sale.

3. The fiber optic transceiver: SFP+ transceiver

10G SFP+ Transceiver is an upgraded version of SFP Transceiver. The physical package of the two is the same. However, SFP+ Transceiver can support a transmission rate of 10Gbps. Compared with other 10G Transceivers (such as Xenpak and XFP Transceiver), SFP+ only retains the basic electro-optical and photoelectric conversion functions, reducing the signal control functions in the original XFP design, thereby simplifying the design of the 10G Transceiver. Therefore, the power consumption is smaller, the volume is the smallest, and it is most suitable for high-density port applications, making it the most popular 10G Transceiver. Welcome to click for more SFP+ Transceiver product information.

Compatible Optical Transceiver

Equipment manufacturers of optical transceivers will encrypt their devices to varying degrees, also known as compatibility. Transceivers of a particular brand can only be used with devices of the same brand, and cannot be matched with other brand optical transceivers. Compatibility manufacturers need to conduct different compatibility adaptations on the optical transceivers. Whether or not they can perfectly solve compatibility issues is particularly important.

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