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Introduction of DDM Function Of Optical Transceivers

What is DDM Of Optical Transceivers?

DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) is a technology that users can monitor the real-time parameters of optical transceivers, including working temperature, voltage, current, transmitting and receiving optical power, etc. Besides, it can also show the optical wavelength, data rate, transmission distance, manufacturer‘s name, model, serial number, date, alarm information, etc. But electrical interface modules are without DDM function.

DDM technology in the optical module provides a way to monitor module performance, which can help manager predict the life of the module, detect failures of system and the compatibility of the module.

How to view DDM information Of Optical Transceivers?

Use a console cable with an RJ45 connector on one end and a USB connector on the other end. The USB connector is connected to computer, and RJ45 connector is connected to the console of the switch. Turn on and enter the instructions of the corresponding device, then you will see it.

What is the function of DDM technology Of Optical Transceivers?

①Fault locating

Failures are inevitable in the operating of optical devices. DDM can help network managers locate failures quickly, which saved time of troubleshooting and repairment. Through the digital diagnosis function, it conducts a comprehensive analysis of the warning status of transmitting and receiving optical power, current, voltage, and temperature, so as to locate and solve the problem quickly.

②Compatibility test

Digital diagnosis can also test the compatibility of the module. Compatibility test is to analyze whether the working environment of the module complies with the data manual or standard.

The working environment is not compatible with the optical module:

*voltage is out of the specified range

*receiving power is too high or too low

*temperature is out of working range

Introduction Of Ddm Function Transceivers

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