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What Is 100G SWDM4 Optical Transceiver

The 100G SWDM4 optical transceiver is a new type of high-speed photoelectric conversion transceiver, which has the characteristics of high transmission rate, low energy consumption and high density. This article will discuss the characteristics and application scenarios of the 100G SWDM4 optical transceiver, aiming to help users better understand this optical transceiver.

The 100G SWDM4 optical transceiver is an optical transceiver for high-speed data transmission, which uses short-wavelength wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) signals of four different wavelengths for transmission. The four bands are 850nm, 880nm, 910nm, and 940nm. Among them, the transmission distance supported by each wavelength is different, and the specific transmission distance needs to be set according to the actual situation. The 100G SWDM4 optical transceiver can achieve a data transmission speed of 100Gbps, which is very suitable for data centers, cloud computing and other high-performance computing applications. The following is a brief introduction to the product features of 100G SWDM4 optical transceiver:

Transmission rate

100Gbps, which has a higher transmission rate than ordinary 10G/25G optical transceivers. It can meet the high-speed transmission requirements in modern large-scale data centers and networks.

Transmission distance

Using short-wavelength wavelength division multiplexing technology, a transmission distance of 150m can be achieved, which can meet the needs of some short-distance transmission scenarios.


Since SWDM technology can reduce the number of optical fibers by 75% to achieve the same level of 100G rate, it can reduce cable management and be suitable for higher density applications, thereby greatly improving network resource utilization and reducing costs.

100G SWDM4 has a wide range of application scenarios, including high-performance computing, data centers, cloud computing, virtual data centers, and large enterprise networks. They all require high-speed, high-density, low-power optical transceivers to realize the transmission and processing of large amounts of data. The use of 100G SWDM4 optical transceivers can improve the data transmission rate and efficiency, and it is also an important means to ensure data stability and security.

In short, the 100G SWDM4 optical transceiver is a new type of optical transceiver with high speed, low energy consumption and high density, and has great development potential.

What is 100G SWDM4 Optical Module

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