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Application Of Copper RJ-45 Transceiver Of Optical Transceivers

The interface of copper RJ-45 transceiver is RJ45, the highest transmission rate can reach 10G, and the longest transmission distance can reach 30 meters at the rate of 10G, some copper RJ-45 transceivers are integrated on the equipment. It is mainly used in switches, network cards and Ethernet transmission of 10 Gigabit and below.

copper RJ-45 transceivers are used in data centers, school internal network systems, and government video surveillance systems dut to the cost-effective and long service life. Within the transmission distance of 100M, optical modules need to be connected by optical fiber and corresponding photoelectric equipment, which will increase the cost, while copper RJ-45 transceiver only require a network cable for connection in the copper cabling system.

DAC high-speed cables or AOC active optical cables are mostly used for the internal interconnection of the data center, and the longest transmission distance is within 100M. DAC can only reach 7M, although AOC can reach 100M, the cost is too high to be popularized. Then copper RJ-45 transceiver can make up for the shortcomings of short-distance transmission of the DAC and the high cost of the AOC.

Since the maximum rate of the copper RJ-45 transceiver is 10G, it can play the role of 10G DAC and 10G AOC, but can not replace them in higher rate data center interconnection. copper RJ-45 transceiver consumes too much power, without DDM digital monitoring function, which cannot help the network management unit to predict and locate the fault.

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