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Two Packaging Options for 100G LR4

At present, the low-rate optical transceiver technology is quite mature, and there are not many problems in stability and reliability. Therefore, the program has been used relatively fixed. But for high-speed transceiver s, due to market demand, different application environments and cost control, our optical transceiver manufacturers will tend to make different product solutions to cope with different markets and customers. This article will take 100G LR4 as an example to briefly introduce two different solutions of 100G LR4.

A few years ago, when 100G optical transceiver s were just emerging, 100G LR4 adopted the traditional TOSA and ROSA solutions, that is, the packaging form of the optical transceiver included the transmitting end (TOSA) and the driving circuit, the receiving end (ROSA) and the receiving circuit. The 4 channels of the transmitter and receiver are packaged in parallel to form a hermetic package. This type of packaging is relatively traditional, and has good stability and reliability. It can give full play to its strengths in some harsh environments.

Following the continuous advancement of the market, various data center computer rooms sprang up, and then put forward higher cost-effective requirements for products, prompting optical transceiver manufacturers to continuously adjust product solutions, and then the 100G LR4 COB solution came into being. COB, that is, Chip On Board, the chip is directly packaged on the PCB board. This packaging solution greatly saves product costs, and at the same time ensures the reliability and stability of the product. In the application of some computer rooms with better environments, it is More than enough.

In the current market, it is normal for mobile 100G LR4 products to have different prices. The customer groups faced by each optical transceiver manufacturer are different, and the product solutions given are different, so the prices are also different. Therefore, when purchasing an optical transceiver , customers can choose a suitable optical transceiver according to the actual application environment to save costs.

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