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SFP+ 10GBase-T Copper RJ45 & Data Center & Data Transmission

With the rapid development of information technology, data centers have become an important infrastructure supporting the operation of modern society. In order to meet the growing demand for data processing and transmission, data centers have increasingly higher performance requirements for network equipment. Among them, the 10 Gigabit electrical interface module 10GBase-T, as a high-performance network transmission equipment, is gradually being widely used in the data center field. This article will introduce the 10 Gigabit electrical port module 10GBase-T in detail.

What is a 10G electrical port module?

The 10 Gigabit electrical interface module, also known as the 10GBase-T module, is a high-speed network interface module used for data transmission. It uses 10GBase-T technology, which can achieve a data rate of 10GB per second. This module is typically used to connect network devices such as servers, switches, and routers to provide higher network speeds and bandwidth.

Technical parameters of 10 Gigabit electrical port module 10GBase-T

The 10G electrical port module uses the RJ-45 interface for data transmission in a Category 6A (CAT6A) or Category 7 (CAT7) copper cable cabling system. Its main technical parameters include:

1. Data rate: 10GB of data is transmitted per second, which is faster than the traditional Gigabit Ethernet interface.

2. Transmission distance: The 10G electrical port module can support two different transmission distances, 30 meters and 80 meters. The main difference between the two products is that the chips are different. The 80m 10G electrical interface module can support industrial-grade temperatures.

Standards for 10G electrical port modules

The 10G electrical port module and 10G optical transceiver complies with the specifications and requirements of IEEE 802.3an, SFF-8431 and SFF-8432 MSA. This means that 10G electrical interface modules produced by different manufacturers can be used normally on different network equipment. When using a 10G electrical port module, some compatibility issues with the 10G electrical port module may occur. This is mainly because some manufacturers may perform some encryption processing when producing network equipment, causing compatibility to be affected. But currently, compatibility issues for mainstream network equipment brands on the market should be solved by compatibility manufacturers.

Application Scenarios of 10 Gigabit Electrical Port Module

10G electrical interface modules are widely used in various scenarios, including data centers, enterprise networks and cloud computing. In data centers, 10 Gigabit electrical interface modules can realize high-speed connections between devices to improve data transmission efficiency. In enterprise networks, it can provide higher bandwidth to core switches and routers to support large-scale data traffic. In a cloud computing environment, 10 Gigabit electrical interface modules can accelerate the interconnection between data centers to meet the needs of high-performance computing and large-scale data processing.


Evaluation of 10G electrical port module

The evaluation of 10G electrical interface modules usually includes multiple aspects, such as data transmission speed, stability and compatibility. When conducting evaluation, the performance and performance of the module can be evaluated through actual network testing. In addition, you can also refer to the technical documentation and user feedback provided by the manufacturer to understand the performance and usage experience of the module in different scenarios.

To sum up, the 10G electrical interface module is a high-speed network interface module with a wide range of application scenarios. When selecting a 10G electrical interface module, you need to pay attention to its compatibility and scope of application, and evaluate its performance and reliability through evaluation. Here I would like to remind everyone that when purchasing a 10G electrical port module, don’t just focus on the price, you must make an all-round comparison.

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