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Knowledge of Fiber Conventers and Optical Transceivers

The functions of the fiber conventer and the optical transceiver are similar, but there are still big differences in price, usage, and stability. 

①How to use

Optical transceiver is an accessory and cannot be used alone. It can only be used when it is plugged into a device with an optical port slot; while fiber conventer is a active device that can be used alone when it is plugged in;

②Space utilization

Optical transceiver can be inserted into the optical port slot on the device, does not occupy space, which can simplify the network and reduce the point of failure, while the use of fiber conventvers will increase a lot of equipments, occupy too much space and increase the rate of failure;

③Hot plug

Optical transceiver supports hot-swappable, which is relatively flexible to use; compared with it, fiber conventer is relatively fixed and much more difficult to replace and upgrade;

④ Cost and stability

The price of the optical transceiver is higher than that of fiber conventer, but it is much more stable and not easy to damage; while the unit price of fiber conventer is lower, but the power supply, optical fiber, network cable and other factors must be considered, and the transmission loss can reach about 30%;

Optical transceivers and fiber conventers may also be used in pairs. Here are some precautions:

①The transmission of optical transceivers and fiber conventers is the same as the interconnection of optical transceivers, the transmission distance and wavelength must be the same;

②The rate must be the same, Gigabit fiber conventer corresponds to Gigabit optical transceiver, and 100M fiber conventer corresponds to 100M optical transceiver;

③The fiber types must be the same, single fiber corresponds to single fiber, and dual fiber corresponds to dual fiber.


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