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How To Choose A Good Optical Transceiver?

The rapid development of the data center and communications industry has increased the demand for optical transceivers, the types are also more and more, resulting in uneven quality of it. What should we pay attention when purchasing?

1- Use environment.

Choose the same brand or a transceiver compatible with the brand according to your device, then choose data rate according to the device port, and the distance between the two devices determined transmission distance and fiber type. For example, the maximum transmission distance of Gigabit multi-mode is 550m and of 10 Gigabit multi-mode is 300m. In general, it's fixed by different transceiver wavelengths and data rate. If the interface type of the jumper has been determined, then it of the optical transceiver must be selected according to the the jumper.

2- Price

There are original, second-hand and third-party compatible optical transceivers on the market. As we all know, the price of original one is very high, and many users can not afford. The price of second-hand one is relatively low, but the quality is not stable and guaranteed, and packet loss often occurs after a period of use. Therefore, many customers will choose the third-party transceivers.

GearLink Technology transceivers has all major brands switches, and products will be tested to ensure compatibility before sent out as well guarantee for three years.

How To Choose A Good Optical Transceiver

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