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The Development Of Optical Transceiver Packaging

With the advancement of technology and development of optical communication industry, the packaging of optical transceivers is constantly changing, power consumption is getting lower and lower, volume is getting smaller and smaller. They are moving towards high rate, far transmission distance, low power consumption, low cost, miniaturization and hot-swappable.

The Packages For 10g And Below Transceivers:

①1x9 optical transceiver: 1X9 packaged products were first produced in 1999, usually directly soldered on the circuit board of communication equipment. It's a fixed non-hot-swappable module with SC interface, used in 100M and Gigabit Ethernet.

②GBIC optical transceiver: It's hot-swappable with SC interface, used in 100M and Gigabit Ethernet. The characteristics are convenient for maintenance and update, fault location.

③SFF optical transceiver: It's not hot-swappable with LC interface, small size, widely used in EPON systems and used 100M and Gigabit Ethernet.

④SFP optical transceiver: It's hot-swappable with LC interface, samll size. Mostly used for gigabit rate on the market.

⑤300pin optical transceiver: It's the first module used in 10G Ethernet, with large size and high power consumption. But very few now because most replaced by XFP packaging;

⑥XENPAK optical transceiver: It's the first-generation module for 10G Ethernet with XAUI interface, which is large in size and high in power consumption.

⑦X2 optical transceiver: It is similar to XENPAK module. But It's an improved version with much smaller volume and high cost. It is a transitional product.

⑧XFP optical transceiver: It's a hot-swappable, small and low-cost product used in 10G Ethernet.

⑨SFP+ optical transceiver: Compared with XFP, it has lower cost, better power consumption stability, more compact appearance, and the same size as SFP. It is currently the mainstream module in 10G network.

At higher rates, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28, QSFP-DD, OSFP and other packages have also produced. The continuous evolution of packages also means the continuous improvement of technology and the prosperity of the optical module industry.

The Development Of Optical Transceiver Packaging

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