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Basic Knowledge of Fiber Conventers

What is a fiber conventer?

Fiber conventer,  is also called a photoelectric converter or media conventer, is a device that converts electrical signals to optical signals and vice versa. It has the same function as optic fiber transceiver,  generally used for long-distance network transmission.

What is the function of a fiber conventer?

Since the maximum transmission distance of our network cable is around 100m, we have to use optical fiber with relay equipment in long-distance transmission. The longest transmission distance of multimode fiber can reach 2km, and of single-mode fiber can reach more than 100km.

The role of fiber conventer is the mutual conversion between optical signals and electrical signals. The optical signal is input from the optical port, electrical signal is output from the electrical port, and then electrical signal is input from the electrical port, optical signal is output from the optical port. The process is to convert electrical signals into optical signals, transmit them through optical fibers, then convert optical signals into electrical signals at the other end, and connect them to routers, switches and other equipments.

For example: the previous camera which has no integrated optical module inside, connected with a network cable. It is transmitted electrical signal. Therefore, it can only meet the application of short-distance surveillance cameras. At this time, the fiber conventer played the role of photoelectric conversion. The fiber conventer saves costs and also provides a lot of network cable transmission applications.

Basic knowledge of fiber conventers

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