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How To Transmit Among Devices Of Different Brands Of Optical Transceivers?

As we all know, there are lots of switches, servers, routers and other equipments in data center and computer room. It may not purchase all of them at one time because of the large quantity and high cost, which will result in the devices being purchased of different brands.  Then how to transmit among them?

First of all, all the parameters of the optical modules between the devices on both sides should be matched, such as the transmission distance, rate, single fiber or dual fiber. The wavelength of the dual fiber module must be the same, and the wavelength of the single fiber module must be in opposite, for example: one end is TX1310/RX1550, the opposite end must be TX1550/RX1310.

Devices of different brands must use with optical modules of the same or compatible with the brand. For example: Huawei switches and H3C switches are interconnected. Huawei switches need to use original or compatible with Huawei optical module, and H3C switches need to use original H3C or compatible H3C optical module. (The optical modules of GearLink Technology are compatible with these devices) The modules at both ends must use the same Ethernet protocol.

In summary, the devices of different brands can still be transmitted, and the requirements for transmission of devices of the same brand are the same.

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