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Precautions For Using An Optical Transceiver

1. It should be handled lightly to avoid damage to the components caused by bumps.

2. Standardize when plugging and unplugging:

When installing, insert the module to the end, pay attention to whether the optical transceiver is stuck with the latch, if it is not properly locked, the module will loosen and cause the signal interruption; when removing, bend the tab to the outside by 90°, gently pull the tab to take it out Module, be careful not to touch the golden finger part, do not use excessive force when pulling it out, and do not perform hot-swapping frequently.

3. When using the optical fiber, ensure that the end face is clean to avoid cross-contamination of the optical port due to the pollution of the end face of the optical jumper.

4. Do not let the receiving optical power of the optical transceiver stay above the overload point for a long time to avoid damage to the receiving device;

5. The optical port of the optical transceiver should not be exposed for a long time, otherwise the components inside will be contaminated and cause damage to the module. Dust plugs should be plugged when not in use;


Never let the end of the optical fiber face your eyes, never look into the optical fiber, and do not look at the end of the optical fiber directly or with an instrument. The laser is invisible, but it will cause permanent damage to eyes!

Precautions For Using An Optical Transceiver

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