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The Difference Between Original And Third-party Transceivers

As we all know there are many third-party compatible optical module manufacturers at the high price of original optical modules. Why is the price gap so different?

①Market monopoly

Large equipment manufacturers are not many but occupyed most of the market, therefore the price is set by them and is higher than it of third-party manufacturers.

②Brand effect

It's a long time to establish a famous brand and it takes a lot of time, energy and cost. But third-party compatibility transceivers are without brand effect which is cheaper than original ones.

The Difference Between Original And Third-party Transceivers

What are the advantages of the third-party compatibility transceiver compared to the original module?

①More choices

Compatible transceivers are nearly applicable to equipment of any brand, and have a wider range of applications. But original ones can only be used on device of the same brand. It can not working once the branded modules are out of stock, which will affect the project process;

②Price advantage

Original transceivers are expensive due to their famous brand effect. Most users spend their money on the brand rather than product itself. Considering cost-effectiveness, the third-party compatibility transceiver is a better choice which is high quality and low price.

③Longer warranty

General speaking, the original transceiver manufacturers guarantee for only one year, you need to pay to extend it. However, the third-party compatibility transceivers provide three-year warranty service.

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