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Advantages of Digital Intelligent Manufacturing of Optical Transceivers


With the continuous development of science and technology, digital intelligent manufacturing has become the mainstream trend of manufacturing industry. As an important part of the optical communication field, the optical transceiver is constantly updated and upgraded in its manufacturing process. This article will combine optical transceiver industry data and specific examples to explore the optical transceiver manufacturing process in the era of digital intelligent manufacturing.

Market size of optical transceiver industry

According to statistics, the current global optical transceiver market size has reached more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, and it is estimated that the global optical transceiver  market size will reach 17.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. optical transceivers are mainly used in communication, artificial intelligence, automation and other fields, among which the communication field occupies the largest market share. With the advent of the 5G era, the demand for optical transceivers is also increasing.

Application of digital intelligent manufacturing in optical transceiver manufacturing

Optical transceiver design

3D design and process simulation software such as CAD/CAM thermal design simulation can be used to conduct 3D design and product stress analysis, assembly simulation, defect and process simulation analysis of the product. Its design accuracy can reach the sub-micron level, which improves product development efficiency and quality, greatly reduces various risks in production, and effectively improves production conversion efficiency.

Industrial production control

Adopt data acquisition system to collect various data of core intelligent equipment, and analyze and process big data based on cloud platform. Realize the real-time collection and monitoring of multi-dimensional production data in the whole process, such as equipment status, production efficiency, product quality, process parameters, etc., and realize the automatic production of products.

Optical transceiver test

The traditional test method is manual test, which requires a lot of manual labor for testing, and the processing method of test data is relatively fixed. For complex test scenarios, traditional testing methods can no longer meet the requirements. The emergence of machine learning technology can solve the shortcomings of traditional testing. Using machine learning technology to test optical transceivers greatly improves test efficiency, accuracy and coverage.

Advantages of digital intelligent manufacturing in optical transceiver manufacturing

Improve manufacturing precision and efficiency

Digital technology and intelligent technology can realize high-precision and high-efficiency manufacturing.

Reduce manufacturing costs

Digital intelligent manufacturing can reduce manufacturing costs and improve corporate competitiveness.

Improve product quality and stability

Digital intelligent manufacturing can improve product quality and stability to meet market demand.

Digital intelligent manufacturing has become the trend of optical transceiver manufacturing. Through the application of digital technology and intelligent technology, manufacturing precision and efficiency can be improved, manufacturing cost can be reduced, and product quality and stability can be improved. optical transceiver manufacturing enterprises should actively promote digital intelligent manufacturing to improve their own competitiveness.

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