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Cloud Computing & Data Center Transceiver

The current data center is no longer as simple as a computer room, but a huge data center group composed of multiple computer rooms. For the normal use of Internet services, it is necessary to require coordinated operation between data centers. A large amount of information between data centers converges at the same time, which creates the demand for networking in data center. 

Why Data Center & Cloud Computing Needs Optical Transceivers?

Optical fiber communication is a necessary solution for network interconnection; unlike traditional telecommunications access network transmission equipment, data center optical transceiver requires a greater amount of information, More intensive transmission, which requires switching equipment with higher speed, lower power consumption, and more miniaturized performance. And a core factor that determines whether these performances can be achieved is the optical communication module. The transmission of information networks mainly uses optical fiber as the transmission medium, which transmits optical signals, but general equipment can only recognize electrical signals, and optical modules are the core devices that realize photoelectric conversion.

data center transceivers

Types Of Data Center Optical Modules

Datacenter communication optical modules in the optical transceiver market can be divided into three categories according to the connection type:

①In the data center, it is mainly used for information storage, generation, and mining;

②Data center interconnection, mainly used for data replication, software and system upgrades;

③ From the data center to the user, from accessing the cloud to our daily use, such as watching videos, browsing articles, sending and receiving emails, and so on.

At present, data center internal communication accounts for most of the data center communication. The great development of data center construction has promoted the development of high-speed optical modules, and the high-speed optical transceiver application prospects are getting better and better.

Get in touch with WHGearlink Optical Transceiver Experts to get professional support and helps within 24 hours.
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Get in touch with WHGearlink Optical Transceiver Experts to get professional support and helps within 24 hours.
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