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Introduction and Difference of 25G SFP28 SR and SFP28 LR Optical Transceivers

1. What is a 25G SFP28 optical transceiver?

25G SFP28 optical transceiver is simply an optical transceiver with a transmission rate of 25Gbps. It is mainly used in 25G Ethernet and 100G (4x25Gbps) Ethernet, which can meet the growing needs of data centers in the most energy-efficient way.

Therefore, when the cost of 40G, 100G and other optical transceivers is too high, the 25G SFP28 optical transceiver has become a good solution. 

2. SFP28 optical transceiver

As a company dealing with China qsfp transceiver, we remind you that the SFP28 optical transceiver has the advantages of low power consumption, high port density and saving network deployment costs, and can achieve 100Gb data transmission through 25Gb/s single-channel physical layer technology. 

Relatively speaking, the best input or output performance and fiber capacity of 25G optical transceivers are 2.5 times that of 10G optical transceivers, and can achieve 50G transmission rate through two optical fiber channels. The cost is lower than 40G optical transceivers, and the loss is smaller than 100G optical transceivers. And if you want information about extreme sfp compatibility matrix, you can contact us.

Both 25G SFP28 SR and SFP28 LR optical transceivers comply with SFP28 MSA, IEEE 802.3cc 25GBASE-LR Ethernet and CPRI/eCPRI standards, and the materials used comply with RoHS environmental protection standards (lead-free), all using hot-swappable SFP28 packages, is a full-duplex transceiver transceiver;

The maximum speed of 25G SFP28 SR and SFP28 LR optical transceivers is up to 25.78Gbps, dual LC optical ports, working voltage 3.3V, working temperature commercial grade 0-70 degrees, support digital diagnostic monitoring DDM function.

Greentech's 25G optical transceivers are widely compatible with equipment from major brands such as Huawei, Cisco, H3C, ZTE, Ruijie, Juniper, Dell, and Inter, providing cost-effective 25G network solutions.

The difference between 25G SFP28 SR and SFP28 LR optical transceiver is: 25g sfp28 SR optical transceiver has a working wavelength of 850nm, and the transmission distance through multimode fiber can reach up to 70M (OM3) or 100M (OM4), equipped with VCSEL laser and PIN photodetector, the maximum Power consumption is less than 1W. We can provide a reasonable 25g sfp28 price.

The 25G SFP28 SR optical transceiver is suitable for short-distance data transmission, and can be used in Ethernet switches, routers, network interface cards (NICs) and storage network equipment.

The operating wavelength of the 25g sfp28 LR optical transceiver is 1310nm, and the transmission distance through single-mode fiber OS2 can reach up to 10KM. It is equipped with DFB laser and PIN photodetector, and the receiving channel has a built-in CDR circuit. The maximum power consumption is less than 1.5W, which is mainly suitable for long distances. Data transmission, supporting communication and interconnection applications.

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Compatible Optical Transceiver

Equipment manufacturers of optical transceivers will encrypt their devices to varying degrees, also known as compatibility. transceivers of a particular brand can only be used with devices of the same brand, and cannot be matched with other brand optical transceivers. Compatibility manufacturers need to conduct different compatibility adaptations on the optical transceivers. Whether or not they can perfectly solve compatibility issues is particularly important.

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