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What Is BIDI Transceiver?

BIDI means Bidirectional, BIDI transceiver processes data in both directions (transmit and receive) through a single optical fiber. As we all know that most optical transceivers have two ports and need two fibers to transmit data, one is to receive data from networking equipment, the other is to transmit data to the networking equipment. But BIDI transceiver has only one port and uses one optical fiber to achieve it.

BIDI Transceivers Work Principle:

BIDI transceivers are usually used in pairs. We know it transmits and receives wavelength in one port at the same time filtering out the other wavelengths, so we need another transceiver to receive and transmit it. For example, the transmitted wavelength is 1310nm and received is 1550nm, so the other transceiver must be transmitted 1550nm and received 1310nm.

Advantages Of BIDI Transceiver

We can use one less fiber which saved money and fiber sources as well contributed to environmental protection compared with the traditional dual-fiber transceiver.

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