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Overview of 10G AOC and 10G DAC Of Optical Transceivers

10G DAC high-speed cable is composed of a copper cable and two SFP+ connectors. Compared to SFP+ optical transceiver, it does not have optical lasers and electronic components, transmits electrical signals through copper cables, therefore it cannot converse photoelectric.

10G AOC active optical cable is composed of multi-mode optical fiber, optical transceiver, control chip and parallel optical module. Compared with 10G DAC, it is active transmission and transmits optical signals though optical fiber.

Comparision 10G DAC and 10G AOC Of Optical Transceivers

①The longest transmission distance of DAC is 7M, and of AOC is 100M;

② DAC transmits electrical signals, which are easily affected by electromagnetic interference, while AOC transmits optical signals without electromagnetic interference;

③ DAC high-speed cable is passive and the power consumption is almost zero, which has advantages over AOC in terms of power consumption and heat dissipation;

④ There are no optical and electronic components in DAC, and the material of copper cable is cheaper than fiber, therefore price is much lower than AOC.

Application selection of 10G DAC and 10G AOC Of Optical Transceivers

10G AOC is most suitable when the transmission distance exceeds 7M. If not, 10G DAC is better to be used. When the budget is sufficient, the transmission distance is within 100M and the transmission is stable of AOC.

10G Optical Transceiver Connection Solutions

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