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A Patent for Wavelength Division Multiplexing Optical Receiver Components Supports the Development of Optical Transceivers

Recently, Wuhan Guangxun's "a wavelength division multiplexing optical receiving component" won the gold medal in the provincial patent competition.

Although the WDM technology started relatively late, after continuous development and application in recent years, the WDM technology has become increasingly mature and has become an irreplaceable transmission technology in the current optical fiber communication network technology.

The cost of traditional data center optical transceivers is relatively high. The patent of "a wavelength division multiplexing optical receiving component" abandons space optical path components such as filters, coated filters, and turning prisms, and uses wavelength division multiplexing cores and total reflection optical paths. The optical signal is directly coupled to the surface of the detector. In addition, this patent also creatively uses a flexible optical port, which can well absorb the assembly tolerance between the optical transceiver circuit board and the optical port. This patent can reduce the number of optical path components by more than 50%, reduce the packaging man-hours by more than 60%, and reduce the cost by more than 50%. Due to the ability of wavelength division multiplexing components to simultaneously transmit multiple asynchronous signals in the same optical fiber, the information carrying capacity of optical fiber communication is greatly improved, the amount of optical fiber used is greatly reduced, and the use of active devices is also greatly reduced, which greatly improves the reliability of the system.

With the accelerated schedule of informatization, people cannot do without the support of data centers in their daily lives. With the explosive growth of traffic, data centers have higher and higher requirements for optical transceivers. Wavelength division multiplexing technology provides strong support for the construction of my country's data center technology facilities and independent controllable information security. Green Technology provides wavelength division multiplexing series optical transceivers and network solutions, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective optical transceiver products.

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