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Simple Instructions Of Switch

We can know DDM, manufacturer and other information during the test process of optical transceiver, but how does it complish? Let's take Huawei switches as an example.

①Turn on the switch, take a serial cable with one end of RJ45 interface and the other end of USB interface, then connect RJ45 interface to the console port of the switch, and USB interface to the computer;

②Open the software that enters the switch and configure the port information. Generally create a new session guide, select the serial protocol, select COM3 for the port and 9600 for the baud rate. Then follow the instructions to do the next step and the configuration is successful;

③If the switch is encrypted, the initial account is admin, and password is If the switch is not configured with a password, just enter the operation command;

④The command to view the port status is display interface brief

View the specific information of the port as display transceiver interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/0/10 ver

View all the module information as display transceiver verbose

You can view the information of manufacturer and DDM of the module when inputing to view the information of all port modules.

Generally for Huawei switches, the manufacturer's name in the compatible module is the name of the manufacturer or OEM, and the manufacturer name in the brand module is the name of the manufacturer.

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