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What Are the Uses of the Cable Direct Attach?

What is cable direct attach?

Cable direct attach is a twin-core copper cable that can be directly connected to the port (or line card) inside the active device of the data network, such as a switch, router, server, or data storage device. 

Cable direct attachs are becoming more and more popular not only in data centers but also in a wider range of industries as they provide a very cost-effective, efficient, and simple way of connection. Cable direct attachs are made of Twinax copper and have modules at both ends which can be electrically connected directly to the active device. The modules cannot be removed from the cable, so the length of all cables direct attach is fixed. For your inforomation,we have sfp28 dac cable for sale.

A cable direct attach connects one port/line card to another. Splitter cables direct attach will allow one port to connect to as many as four other ports. Active cables direct attach will provide slightly longer transmission distances than passive cables direct attach because it uses electronic equipment inside the modules at both ends to enhance the signal. The optical transceivers market has seen significant growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for high-speed data transmission in data centers, telecommunications, and other networking applications.

What is cable direct attach used for and how is it used?

As a company dealing with China optical transceiver, we remind you that cables direct attach are used for directly connecting ports between active devices; switches, routers, servers, and storage. Their main limitation is the transmission distance. Their main benefit is cost, although there are other benefits as well.

Transmission distance: 

They can only be used when the physical distance between these ports is small - less than 15m. However, the maximum distance that signals can be transmitted via cables direct attach depends on the data rate. As the data rate increases from 10G to 40G and then to 100G, the distance becomes shorter and shorter. A 100G DAC can only transmit up to 5m at most. These distance limitations mean that the most common use of cables direct attach is to connect equipment within the same data rack, such as connecting a server to a top-of-rack switch.


Using the cable direct attach is always more cost-effective than using two optical modules and an optic fiber cable. Similarly, the cost saving will depend on the data rate being transmitted, but it is often two or three times cheaper. When the distance allows for its use, deploying a large number of cables direct attach can save a lot of costs.


Cable direct attach is very reliable. The module that is directly inserted into the device's port ensures firm physical and electrical contact, which ensures a secure connection. The cable is made of 26 to 28 AWG twin-core copper, so it has high physical strength and is less likely to be damaged due to handling. Both of these factors mean that connections can be quickly, reliably, and economically established in a variety of applications.

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