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Single Mode Optical Transceiver VS Multimode Optical Transceiver

What Is A Single-mode Optical Transceiver?

Single-mode optical transceiver is suitable for medium and long-distance transmission of more than 10km, connected with single-mode optical fibers;

What is a multimode optical transceiver?

Multi-mode optical transceiver is used for short-distance transmission of less than 2km, connected with multi-mode optical fibers.

The differences between single-mode and multimode optical modules

①working wavelength:

The working wavelength of the multi-mode optical module is 850nm, and it of the single-mode optical module is usually 1310nm, 1550nm.

②transmission distance:

The farthest transmission distance of multi-mode optical modules is no more than 2km, while that of single-mode optical modules is generally above 10km.

③light source:

Multi-mode optical modules use LED or VCSEL lasers as light sources while single-mode modules use FD-LD lasers or DFB-LD lasers.

④connecting fiber:

Multi-mode optical modules are connected with multi-mode optical fibers, and single-mode optical modules are used with single-mode optical fibers.


Multimode optical modules can only be used for short-distance transmission such as internal interconnection of data centers, and single-mode optical modules are suitable for medium and long-distance metropolitan area network transmission.

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