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How To Judge The Quality Of Optical Transceiver?

The quality of the optical transceiver determines the transmission quality of the optical network. Inferior optical transceiver will have problems such as packet loss, unstable transmission, and large light attenuation. There are many OEM, second-hand and inferior optical modules on the market. The following are the indicators for determining the quality of optical transceiver.

①Standard agreement

The optical transceiver must comply with the MSA multi-source agreement, and the manufacturer must pass CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001 and other certifications. The MSA multi-source agreement stipulates the interface and size of the optical transceiver;

②DDM function

The optical transceiver (except the electrical module AOC DAC) must have DDM function so that the user can monitor the real-time data in the optical module. DDM information includes operating temperature, operating voltage, operating current, transmitted optical power and received optical power.

③100% real machine test

General fiber optic transceiver manufacturers will not do real machine test before leaving the factory. The purpose of 100% real machine test is to ensure that the optical module can be used normally, with good performance and compatibility;

④Visual inspection

After receiving the optical module, check whether the surface of the optical module is damaged, whether there are scratches on the gold finger, etc., if there is any damage, the optical module may be second-hand or the process from manufacturing to delivery is not rigorous, which has caused the damage of the module;

⑤Serial number query

There are many OEM transceiver on the market, and many customers can’t distinguish them. The easiest way is to check the serial number on the brand’s official website or after-sales phone calls. If the serial number exists and matches the optical module, then it is a genuine product. Existence or non-conformance may be OEM;

⑥After-sales service

The warranty period of branded optical modules is usually one year, and the compatible ones are usually three years or more, so we should choose optical modules with quality assurance when choosing;

⑦Optical power detection

Use an optical power meter to test the optical module to see if the specific parameters are significantly different from the data manual. If there is a large difference, the module is a second-hand optical module.

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