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What Is A Copper RJ-45 Transceiver Of Optical Transceivers?

As we all know, optical transceivers is to convert optical signals into electrical signals and vice versa. However, copper RJ-45 transceivers are different which is no photoelectric conversion process and only electrical signals are transmitted. It can adapt to the network transmission rate of 10G and below.

The common packages are SFP SFP+ GBIC and interface type is RJ45, which can only be connected to a network cable for short-distance data transmission, which is up to 100M.

It's hot-swappable, high performance, small size, and compact structure. In addition, the copper RJ-45 transceiver can not only make up for the shortcomings of the 10G DAC high-speed cable transmission distance, but also can use the copper cable wiring system to achieve 10G data transmission, while the use of SFP+ optical transceivers requires optical fibers for cabling, which will increase the cost of network deployment.

All the transceivers have their advantages and disadvantages. The specific choice depends on the layout and budget of the data center. Whether it is an optical transceiver or an copper RJ-45 transceiver, it is a small accessory but necessary, just like a brick to the building.

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