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Why Choose WHGearlink Optical Modules

Wuhan GearLink Technology Co., Ltd has a strong advantage in the optical communication industry, mainly in the following aspects:

Product Technical AdvantagesThe company has a professional R&D team that constantly overcomes technical difficulties. The products such as compatible brocade transceivers, cisco transceivers and compatible arista sfp transceives, adopt the latest technology and always maintain the advanced nature of the products, allowing agents and distributors to grasp the initiative of the market. At the same time, we have established a complete product quality monitoring system to ensure stable and reliable product quality, which is unmatched by other related companies.

Strong Production Capacity: We have a strong production capacity, high efficiency, high production capacity, and sufficient supply guarantee for customers.

Tailor-made Advantages: At GearLink Technology, there are many optical fiber components that can be customized to meet the individual needs of customers, and we have a full range of optical fiber technical support and optical fiber solutions. I wish you a helping hand in enhancing market competitiveness.

OEM Service: We have rich OEM experience and can help you build your personal brand.

Perfect Service System: GearLink Technology's daily training ensures that every technicist has the professional knowledge to ensure that your problems are solved for the first time.

Why Choose US

A Few Highlights Of Gearlink

5,000㎡ +
Production Workshop

Gearlink Technology has a production workshop of more than 5,000 square meters and a variety of production lines to ensure timely delivery.

Workshop Management System

The standardized workshop management system and environment ensure the stability and reliability of products.

3 Years +
After-sales Warranty

Three years after-sales warranty assure your worry-free purchasing. For after-sales, we promise response within 2 hours, replacement and maintenance within 48 hours.

Gearlink Optical Transceiver Is Cost Save But Also High Quality

The component is the key part of a module. GearLink Technology has an independent R&D department which has an absolute advantage in cost control. Therefore the finished products are more competitive under the same quality. At GearLink Technology we can:

  • If it is the same product such as compatible cisco optics, we strive to save costs for customers;

  • If the price is the same, we will try our best to provide customers with the best quality;

  • If the quality is the same, we will guarantee you a better service.

Daily technical training makes sure we have the ability to deal with products trouble. And in the meanwhile every technician you chat with is very professional so he can get you problem very soon and clearly.

Gearlink Optical Transceiver Is Cost Save But Also High Quality

WHGearlink Always Excels In Offering Excellent Services

OEM Service

With Profound OEM experience, you will get the best support to help you build the owner's brand.

Quick Response Time

You are eager to get products details and quotations. Don't worry, we' ll reply to you within 4 hours.

Rapid Order-dealing Speed

Usually, orders will be processed within one working day.

Customization Service

In GearLink, many optical fiber components can be customized to meet the individual needs of customers, such as patch cords, etc.

Get in touch with WHGearlink Optical Transceiver Experts to get professional support and helps within 24 hours.
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