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Application of Fiber Conventers

①Accomplish the interconnection between switches;

②Accomplish the interconnection between the switch and the computer;

③Accomplish the interconnection between computers;

④Relay transmission: when the actual transmission distance exceeds the maximum transmission distance of the fiber conventer, especially when over 120km, two fiber convents need be interconnected for relaying, which is a cost-saving Effective solution;

⑤Terminal equipment connection: terminal equipment is connected to a network cable for use, but the signal from the data center and computer room is an optical signal, then fiber conventer is required to convert the optical signal transmitted by the optical fiber into a electric signal that can be recognized by devices;

⑥Single-multimode conversion: When a single-multimode fiber connection is needed between networks, a single-multimode converter can be used to connect, which solves the problem of single-multimode fiber conversion;

⑦wavelength division multiplexing transmission: When the long-distance optical fiber resources are insufficient, the conventer and the wavelength division multiplexer can be used together to allow multiple channels of information to be transmitted in the same pair of optical fibers to increase the utilization rate of the optical fiber and reduce the cost.

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