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Overview of 40G Optical Transceiver

As people has a higher and higher demands of transmission rate and capacity, 40G Ethernet aggregation switches are becoming more and more common in data centers. According to the standard established by IEEE and MSA, there are two main packages of 40G optical transceiver: QSFP+ and CFP, and the most commonly used is QSFP+. Therefore CFP is relatively rare and price is more expensive.

40G QSFP+ optical transceiver connects directly with multi-mode optic fiber for short-distance or single-mode fiber for long-distance transmission.

Features of 40G QSFP+

1, Low-density: the capacity of transmission has increased but size hasn't been changed.

2, Cost-effective: save money with the same bandwidth under network construction.

3, Simplified the network architecture which would need smaller space.

Wuhan GearLink Technology company provides a wide variety of high-density and low-power 40G optical transceivers and Ethernet connecting solutions for data center, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution layers, and service provider applications.

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Overview Of 40g Optical Transceiver

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